The PR Troll Dialogues: part I

, posted: 8-Mar-2007 16:40

I am embarrassed by the way some of my esteemed colleagues' openly bait PR trolls to liven up a dull day in the office. There is absolutely no need for that. PR trolls are warm and cuddly people too, and I love talking rubbish to them at any given opportunity. They should be treated with care.

Here's a conversation I had today, slightly redacted to protect the... well, not quite innocent but you know what I mean. We talked about a certain Finnish company, and I mentioned the president of Finland, Tarja Halonen, in the context of that and something I did recently when meeting her.

PR Troll: "Ha Ha - oh dear, I'm sure he I used to it though!"

Very possibly, although I'm not sure Tarja Halonen would appreciate being mistaken for a he."

PR Troll: "
Ooh blimey - my typing is applalling - it doesn't even make sense! Sorry - I had false nails put on last night and I'm still trying to get used to them!"

Me: "Did you put them on your toes?"

PR Troll: "No - although it's a good idea!"

A splendid idea indeed, as all PR Trolls type with their toes in order to present a warm and welcoming client interface.

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