Geekzone blocked by China

, posted: 2-Mar-2007 13:01

Great Firewall of China
Well, that's sucky attitude from the Chinese to block Geekzone like that. It's not like we ever write anything controversial about them here on Geekzone... right, Cokemaster?

Perhaps it was my grand, cunning scheme to start blogging in atrocious Mandarin that prompted the ban?

Seriously though, it goes to show that China still has a long, long way to go before it can be considered anything but massive and nasty dictatorship. It's sad to see that New Zealand and other nations are putting unimportant principles like freedom and democracy on the backburner just to get Free Trade Agreements with the Chinese.

I'm already refusing to accept email from China because it's all spam. Given that there's little chance of legit traffic as per above and only security worries courtesy of state-sponsored crackers, I think might set up my own Great Firewall for China here.

Test your URLs here.

Update Richard Wood of InternetNZ tried out Geekzone as well after I tested and...
China again

What do you know... fast lot, the Chinese. Obviously they read my blog and decided that blocking such a tremendously useful resource as Geekzone is plain silly. :)

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