How to get news posted on Boing Boing: just make it up

, posted: 2-Mar-2007 09:38

Have you wondered what it takes to get a linked posted on Boing Boing? Seems kind of random the way stuff is selected, doesn't it? Obviously, it'll have to be something that amuses or titillates the Boing Boingers, but what might that be?

Trawling through the RSS feeds this morning, I spotted this item on Boing Boing, about a "lonely man in latex with donkey in a hotel room getting arrested". I thought... "not clicking that, oh no I won't" but anyway, I did. The Boing Boing page is just a summary of what Galway First in Ireland wrote, so I clicked through to that blarney and had a read of it too.

It's a mildly amusing yarn written by someone at Galway First clearly having fun and using obviously bogus names like "Irina Legova" and statutes like "Unlawful Accommodation of Donkeys Act of 1837". Even so, quick Googling reveals that a number of blogs took Galway First's bait hook, line and sinker.

Far be it for me to suggest the esteemed Boing Boing that has peered into every nook and cranny of the Internet fell for it too... Mark Frauenfelder was probably just, ahem, being a good sport and decided to let the latex-man vs donkey joke carry on. Now pass the Tui, please?

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