Blog stats: Vista on radar, IE7 overtakes IE6

, posted: 27-Feb-2007 11:23

Alastair from Scoop says he's not seeing many visitors using Vista in his logs; I have made the same observation over the past few months, but thought I'd check again. Sitemeter provides a convenient summary of the operating systems it picks up through what the browser announces, and here's the breakdown up until now:
Visitor operating systems

The usual caveats about the reliability of Internet metrics apply, but assuming the above is somewhat accurate, nine out of ten visitors to The Techsploder use a Microsoft operating system of some sort. XP still dominates, but there are now almost as many visitors with Vista as with Mac OS X.

As a side note, who uses NT and Win98 in 2007??

Windows Server 2003 is an interesting one: my mate Nic Wise swears by it as being fast and secure. Vista is based on Windows Server 2003 I gather, but doesn't have all the dubious eye-candy, so I reckon Nic's onto something here. Must try to see if WS 2003 will work as a general purpose OS.

Browser-wise, this is Sitemeter's story for my blog:
Again, most people seem to browse The Techsploder with Microsoft products, but Firefox is making a strong appearance with almost a third of "the market". It looks like the upgrade to IE7 is still in progress but browser is now ahead of IE6. That's a good thing, in my opinion: IE6 should be buried as soon as possible.

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