Windows Vista problem solving (not)

, posted: 24-Feb-2007 19:16

I really want to like Windows Vista but it's turning into seriously tough love. Every now and then things fail on Vista, for no apparent reason. Starting this month, the Nvidia video driver has "stopped functioning" but then recovers. The screen goes into sleep mode, and then comes back on again - I suspect this is an issue with the Secure Screen in Vista. It could be the DreamScene Preview too, but that's also died for me and is no longer showing.

Thinking I could use Microsoft's problem solving tools for Vista, I head into the Control Panel and try that. I check for solutions to my many problems, just in case something pops up - nothing useful has so far come out of doing this but who knows? One day it might happen. So I report the 91 problems:
Problem Reporting
The Apache webserver comes from installing the Marvell driver package for the Intel 975BX2 board I use. Why would anyone put an HTTP server into a SATA storage driver package? Only Marvell knows; I certainly don't.

Unfortunately, there are no solutions as such offered for me, but a few hints and tips maybe? Update I just noticed the date on the screen shot below: 31 Jan this year. It should be Feb 24, which makes me suspect Vista's problem solving tool is rather broken.

No Solutions

Away Mode Driver? OK, let's download that. Not sure what problem that's supposed to sort out (Vista doesn't tell me) but I'm all for new drivers, so let's see what it says....
So I click on the green Windows Update link...
Oh OK, so back to the Windows Update in Vista which of course tells me that my system is up to date. Useful. A bit of Googling tells me that the Away Mode Driver is probably the Quick Restore thing that Intel introduced for Viiv, but I'm not sure yet. As for the other suggestions, the upgrade MSN Messenger one is a dud. I already have the latest version of MSN Messenger as far as I can tell and anyway, isn't it supposed to be Live Messenger now?

What's that This problem is being researched though?
This problem
Yes... yes... that's good, thanks Microsoft. But what is "This problem" you're talking about? Is it the video driver failing? Something? Hmm?

While I wait to find out, it's back into Windows XP which is problem-free and completely stable on this particular system.

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