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, posted: 24-Feb-2007 13:16

Mauricio sent me a link to this JenSense blog entry that I read with some alarm. To cut a long story short, it looks like MyBlogLog is tracking Google AdSense clicks.

Jen writes:
They know the source of all the traffic to your page, but also how often an AdSense or YPN ad was clicked, and which specific ad was clicked (similar to how an AdSense tracker script can track specifics about the AdSense ads clicked on your page). And since MyBlogLog is now a Yahoo company, that is a lot of information Yahoo now knows about their biggest competitor and their ad serving and just how many people are clicking on AdSense ads. They can easily compare and contrast the relevancy of ads on the page (arguably, YPN's biggest problem at the moment) not to mention CTR data and even ad specifics, such as which Adwords advertiser ads on a page are being clicked the most.

That, in my opinion, is much too intrusive. Shoemoney has more detail on the how the tracking works - I note that Shoemoney got banned from MyBlogLog for exposing security holes in the service. That's the wrong reaction I think. Were the security holes ever plugged? I didn't hear from MyBlogLog about it.

I've had some doubts about MyBlogLog for a while now, mainly because the communities seem to be infested with "search engine optimisers" who don't blog. MyBlogLog can also be gamed by the looks of it: I had a request to become a "co-author" of a Belgian French-speaking blog last week... umm, me and lots of other people. The idea was clearly to swell the community fast.

The other problem, unrelated to the above, is that MyBlogLog can be slow. I thought it'd be cute to have MBL visitors' avatars, as hosted by Amazon's S3 service, appear on my blog, but boy, they take a while to load:
MBL Loadtimes

So, off with MyBlogLog...

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