Earthquakes in Auckland: 4.5 magnitude

, posted: 21-Feb-2007 21:02

The Shakey Isles are living up to the name tonight - there's been a 3.7 magnitude earthquake in Auckland.

According to GeoNet, the earthquake was 30km east of Orewa on Auckland's North Shore:


Reference Number: 2699754/G
Universal Time: February 21 2007 at 7:24
NZ Daylight Time: Wednesday, February 21 2007 at 8:24 pm
Latitude, Longitude: 36.56°S, 175.04°E
Focal Depth: 6 km
Richter magnitude: 3.7
Region: Auckland Volcanic
30 km east of Orewa
30 km east of Silverdale
40 km north-east of Auckland

I certainly felt it - the whole house rocked, and a few books fell out of the book shelves. Thought it was the cats vandalising at first (sorry cats!). There was an aftershock (?) some twenty minutes after the first quake.

Update Ahhh... hmm... so when do we start preparing for a Tsunami Surfari then?

Update II Could be stronger than 3.7 magnitude quake, but GeoNet hasn't updated yet.

Update III Yes, second earth quake at 4.5 Richter just after nine pm, and possibly a 5.5 after that.

Update IV The third earthquake was measured at 11.23/23.23 at 3.8 on the Richter scale. Didn't register on Wobbly House Quakometer though.

Update V I am a little surprised and disappointed at the jeering and sneering from the provinces. The NZPA wrote some rubbish about "Three quakes have Aucklanders running into streets" for instance, even though it didn't happen. It was a very shallow quake (the focal the depths of the three quakes were only 6, 7 and 15km) and it was felt strongly over a large area. We're all wondering when and where the next volcano will pop up here so when the ground starts shaking, it's not exactly high entertainment.

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