May iGod be with you

, posted: 21-Feb-2007 20:47

iGodYou probably think I'm being facetious and even blasphemous against The Cult of the iJobs with this post, but no. Instead, it's the Anglicans at St Matthews who are taking a somewhat modern approach to sermons using... podcasts. In fact, it looks like St Matt's has been podcasting since Christmas 2005.

While I don't have any need to outsource my thinking to an invisible friend in the sky or the fairies at the bottom of the garden, I'm going to give St Matt's bonus points for some fresh thinking here. Yeah, Apple might get hacked off, and Glynn Cardy's blog has some cheesy stuff on it like:

Glynn is a lucky bear. In Joan Phillip's book the luck of the bear is not due to circumstances but attitude. When shit falls a lucky bear uses it to fertilise. It is an optimistic attitude. Spirituality and religion are about attitude. Are we sinful creatures who need correction and rules? Or are we magnificent creations whose imaginations and humour are part of the divine?

Umm, yes. Should tell Glynn that a "bear" isn't the best symbol really.

Other than that, it's fresh thinking from the crew at St Matt's.

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