Gong Xi Fa Cai!

, posted: 18-Feb-2007 09:39

Fire PigIt's Chinese New Year, as the SMS from Fah Lo Suee saying Kiong Hee Huat Chai tells me (kam siah, hor). No ang pao/hong bao for me but there were huge fireworks last night, and I might try my hand at making yu sheng in a few days' time if I can find the ingredients.

The CNY in Singapore was good fun... people got their annual bonus (and some quit if it was too stingy or not forthcoming at all), the restaurants were packed and there's a thick smoke of char siew and bak kwa in the air. Well, in the non-aircon bits of Chinatown at least. Everything becomes totally festivity-oriented, goes red and gold with mandarins all over the place. It's quite overwhelming the first time for non-Chinese.

There's a CNY big do at the Ellerslie Racecouse with 10,000 people expected - major traffic chaos coming up in that part of Auckland I reckon. Be good if the Auckland City Council laid on some free buses. The Lantern Festival towards the end of the CNY is my favourite with celebrations in Albert Park. This year I'll miss that though, as I'll be down in Wellington... is there anything similar there?

Never got the hang of the Chinese zodiac and the different animals, but it seems this is the year of the Golden Boar, or Pig. Now's a good time to pop a sprog if you're into all that. :)

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