MSN Hotmail bites the dust

, posted: 15-Feb-2007 17:58

Here's something I've not seen before: MSN Hotmail getting overwhelmed and not being able to serve up the webmail interface.
That's (yes, that's the URL) which is what I get when I launch MSN Hotmail via Live Messenger. It was easy enough to get to my MSN Hotmail inbox by logging in via an MSN site elsewhere (I picked one at random and used the UK one), which in turn redirects you to Live Mail.

Since it's possible to do that, I suspect it's not a server or similar being overloaded but a misconfiguration.

Update Looks like Brad Stewart could be right that the Hot Live Mail migration is causing headaches. Have had semi-official confirmation that outages have been occurring for people over the past few days, and I'm waiting to get word about the cause.

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