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, posted: 11-Feb-2007 13:43

As you probably know, I'm a long-standing contributor to IDG publications like Computerworld and PC World in New Zealand and elsewhere; well, I was until last year, when Fairfax Australia bought the New Zealand, Singapore and Malaysian IDG titles.

Although IDG is technology-focused, it's fair to say that as with most established print publishers, the march towards online has been painful for it. Being on the web is completely different to print, and I felt that some of the local people shut their eyes to it because it was just too difficult a transition.

Things are set to change now (and yes, I know... Computerworld and PC World are both down at the moment, probably due to the office move this Friday; no snooty remarks, thanks) I hope, with online being seen as an opportunity and not "giving away the crown jewels for free". Colin Crawford, who is part of IDG's management team, blogs about the Transformation of IDG and says amongst other things that:
Today the absolute dollar growth of our online revenues now exceeds the decline in our print revenues. This occurred in the US in 2006 and in Europe during the last quarter.

In fact, Crawford says IDG is more profitable now than before, courtesy of the higher margins that being an online publisher brings.

It's good to read a positive note like Crawford's for a change, as most other messages coming through are about declining revenues for publishers and editorial staff being laid off en masse. The future lies in them Intarweb tubes, boys and girls.

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