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, posted: 11-Feb-2007 10:43

CopyleftIntellectual property is a hot topic at the moment. Lawyers are lustily lining their pockets with fees lobbying on behalf of the entertainment industry giants and politicians are busy introducing ill-conceived copyright laws that make criminals out of normal people and empower private enforcers to round up on citizenry with SWAT teams. No, I'm not exaggerating.

New Zealand's has its own moment IP law truth coming up, in the form of Hon Judith Tizard's Copyright Amendment Bill. The bill doesn't look as insane as the Australian one that appears to outlaw the possession of VCRs and singing popular songs in public, but my sources in Wellington tell me the submission process has been hijacked by IP lawyers, leaving very little room for the rights of the public in it. Format-shifting for instance only receives very weak protection and will only be permitted for two years, thanks to a peculiar "sunset clause".

This is clearly legislation that will have bearing on anyone who listens to music or watches a film in some form or the other, ditto for performers as well as content producers and those who deliver the material, like ISPs. InternetNZ, which supports the new legislation but thinks there are details that need to be changed at the Select Committee stage, is holding two workshops, first one in Wellington on the 13th next week and the second one in Auckland on the 14th.

Programme and details are here on Geekzone news; yes, it costs money to come along and it's annoying that the Auckland one the day after is a repeat of the Wellie event, but this could be the one InternetNZ event worth attending.

Peter Gutmann's presentation on Technological Protection Measures should be particularly interesting, but I look forward the panel discussion as well - I'll be attending the Auckland event on Wednesday.

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