Kiwifoo video

, posted: 6-Feb-2007 09:56

Inveterate Microsoftie Nigel Parker put together a video collage (OK, mashup then) of the Baa Camp:

Also check out what he wrote in the blog - I vigorously deny playing Wii bowling (although hurling the balls overarm as in the picture could be fun). It was Wii tennis instead. Damn addictive stuff too... good thing I don't have a Wii.

Can't deny going on a Segway though. That experience did nothing to change my mind about it being an over-priced toy for lazy people, no matter how clever the technology is. And yes, you look like a right berk riding one. Sorry.

I think Mark Derricut has a video in the works too, but meanwhile, here's his shared Google Reader page which has more pictures on it.

Update  35MB Quicktime masha from the Misshapen ones, as per the comment below...

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