Baa Camp attendees: please help edit the Wikipedia page

, posted: 5-Feb-2007 12:37

BlackSheepNoticed that the Wikipedia article on the Kiwi Foo Camp, as linked to from the main Foo Camp entry, was marked for speedy deletion. The talk page says it's because it's an empty page... and so it was.

I've edited the page now and added some text to it, but I'm not a seasoned Wikipedia article writer so the entry needs fleshing out much more. With any luck though, it should stop the deletion.

Since it was such a good event and one that you really wouldn't expect to be held in New Zealand, I think having a mention in Wikipedia is a good idea. Also, it fits in with what we talked about over the weekend so... how about it, everyone? Log in and add stuff, yes?

Maybe a list of the sessions would be an idea. Did anyone save the sheets of paper?

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