Baa Camp pics on Flickr

, posted: 5-Feb-2007 10:29

Kiwi Foo Cluster
Have put up some of the better (=least awful, IMO) pictures that I took at the Kiwi Foo / Baa Camp this weekend on Flickr. Should upgrade to a Pro account so that I can have more than three sets on Flickr I guess, or use a different service.

Mauricio's pictures from the Baa Camp can be found here, and Mark Derricut also posted a bunch on Flickr. I really like the photos Mauricio took of the LED dancers in the field at night. John "Flashboy" Ballinger from Bluespark has some up on Flickr too, including one of me that he could've used for blackmail quite succesfully.

Dave5 has a crush on the OLPC, clearly. Must be the fluorescent green that excites him.

Is there some sort of Flickr tool that would let me post thumbnail images to the blog that direct to the main site for larger versions of the pictures? Feels kind of lame to post links to images on the intarweb.

More pictures to come, I hope. Must try to get a D-SLR actually. Taking pictures "by proxy", that is, by composing the photo in an LCD, isn't the greatest way to do it. The camera I have also doesn't handle scenes with strong contrasts (like strong sunlight/dark areas) all that well, unfortunately.

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