End of Baa Camp

, posted: 4-Feb-2007 20:26

No more already. Mahurangi College will be silent for... a few more days until the 2007 school season starts again. The geeks, creatives and sundry nermul peepl have decamped the Baa Foo.

Yes, it did have that human touch that is crucial to everything. Yes, it generated lots of ideas and probably influenced policy in the country as well. It was very worthwhile for those who went in with open eyes and minds and that was very, very tangible. The very few who arrived with set goals and lack of flexibility suffered in comparison.

I'm not entirely sure whom to thank, but Nat Torkington and Jenine Abarbanel were troopers with the children helping out, Russell Brown of course, with his great magic coffee machine, excellent talk and not too shabby bowling deserve a special mention. I think everyone attending made Baa Camp possible though, from Rod Drury who sponsored a lot, to DB Breweries, Karajoz coffee roasters and many others. They were arguably the greatest asset unconstrained by rigid conference formats which is as it should be.

Going back, State Highway 1 remained accident-free and traffic flowed reasonably well so no regrets going that route instead of crossing over to the North-Western roads. No cheers to the pillocks in the Nissan sedan who cut in front of us three times just to show what wallies they could be... and yes, we know who you are.

Overall, I was very impressed by the event. It put me in touch with people in a natural, flat-hierarchy situation (we had millionaires fetching tea and drinks for instance) which is a completely different experience from the usual strictly regimented dos.

Anyway, Flickr pictures coming up soon, tagged "baa camp".

Update Russell Brown has a very good, detailed summary on his PA Hard News column.
Also look at what Rod Drury wrote on his blog about the Kiwi Foo Camp.

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