Baa Camp Day 1

, posted: 3-Feb-2007 00:10

Made it to Warkworth through a very scenic albeit slow route, on narrow gravel roads with huge logging trucks as the only traffic. This was in part due to a in theory good idea (avoid the northbound traffic on State Highway 1) that didn't quite come off in its execution due to a faulty navigational unit whose name shall be suppressed as I am the milk of human kindness.

Baa Camp is pretty full-on. I've talked all kinds of other people throughout the evening and have very little voice left. The list of people attending runs the full gamut I'd say, and tonight's session with Communications Minister David Cunliffe was completely different from anything I've ever experienced - actually, the whole Baa Camp thing is different. Different in a good way. David Slack says it's the lack of hierarchy and that helps, but it's also the high calibre of people attending.

Network connectivity is OK in Warkworth. The Wifi at Baa Camp doesn't seem to work all that reliably, but Telecom's T3G is good. I get EV-DO with four bars signal strength no problem. Vodafone coverage isn't great up here, though.

Will post more tomorrow with pictures, but for now... sleep. Sleep is good.

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