Review of LG 3G Chocolate KU800 up

, posted: 23-Jan-2007 14:26

LG Chocolate KU800Just finished a review of the new LG Chocolate, a GSM/UMTS 3G handset that runs on Vodafone's network in New Zealand but is available from other providers around the world, I understand.

Read the full review here on Geekzone.

I quite like the little thing, because big phones that you can't use with one hand end up being annoying no matter how powerful and feature rich they are. LG seems to be on a roll, too, with their designs, and the Chocolate does well in that area. Everyone I've showed it to have liked it.

The Chocolate's missing a few bits and pieces to be brilliant, and I think Voda's pricing is on the high side for it at $799 for the phone alone (it's discounted if you sign up for one of the myriad plans they have).

I wonder if the phone will appeal to style conscious men as well as women - personally, I think it works fine for both with the small size being a definite plus. Suspect it'll be mostly female buyers snapping it up though.

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