Xtra to introduce port 25 filtering

, posted: 27-Mar-2006 12:56

Quite a few overseas ISPs already do it in an effort to filter out spam and worm traffic from their customers, but NZ's largest ISP, Telecom Xtra, has resisted blocking traffic on TCP 25, or the port used for SMTP.

The filtering will come into effect from April 26, and all Xtra customers will be port 25 filtered.

It's probably not a bad idea but it is likely to cause some grief. I expect that customers who need to send mail directly from Xtra accounts will have the nous to figure out how to tunnel it somehow or use different submission ports.

Full details here.

Update: Xtra says that customers can apply to opt out of the Port 25 blocking if they want to, but must demonstrate they have a legimitimate reason for it. No, wanting to do a major spam run via Xtra's dial-up pool probably doesn't count as such. Tongue out

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