FreeBSD 6.2 released

, posted: 15-Jan-2007 20:24

BeastieKen Smith @ The FreeBSD Release Engineering Team just announced that version 6.2 of the UNIX-like operating system is available. Some of the new stuff in 6.2-RELEASE include:

  • freebsd-update(8) provides officially supported binary updates for security fixes and errata patches
  • Experimental support for CAPP security event auditing
  • OpenBSM audit command line tool suite and library
  • KDE updated to 3.5.4, GNOME updated to 2.16.1
  • csup(1) integrated cvsup client now included
  • Disk integrity protection and authentication added to geli(4)
  • New amdsmb(4), enc(4) ipmi(4), nfsmb(4), stge(4) drivers
  • IPFW(4) packet tagging
  • Linux emulation support for sysfs
  • BIND updated to 9.3.3
  • Many driver updates including em(4), arcmsr(4), ath(4), bce(4), ata(4), and iwi(4)
As I didn't see the announcement until late, I upgraded my 6.1 box the traditional way: cvsup to get new sources, build new system tools, libraries, kernel and so forth, and update the configuration files with the mergemaster script.

That went without a hitch, but I probably would've tried out the freebsd-update tool, which:

... an experimental version of the freebsd-update(8) utility is available which supports upgrading systems between FreeBSD releases.

Administrators of FreeBSD 6.1 systems are encouraged to test this and report any problems encountered on the freebsd-stable mailing list. For more information, see

Binary updates for security and bug fixes is otherwise a big plus in my book, and reason enough to upgrade to 6.2-RELEASE. FreeBSD users can be perhaps a bit too conservative, with some still on version 4.x after many years (hey, it works great, so why change?).

OpenBSM for security looks good too, together with the Common Criteria Controlled Access Protection Profile (CAPP) stuff, although I have to admit I don't know much about them yet. Looks like it needs a kernel option added though, and it provides fine-grained logging of security events.

The GNOME desktop environment is at the latest 2.16 revision, but KDE is one minor point release behind 3.5.5 which was released mid October last year. I was hoping that some of the security features that OpenBSD and Windows Vista ship with courtesy of their system compilers, like stack-smashing guards and variable overflow catching, would've made it into the FreeBSD equivalent but not yet.

The release notes for 6.2 are here, and as always, you can find ISO disc images at ftp servers, replacing the (yourcountry) in the ftp://ftp.(yourcountry) URI with right one for your country - like .us for USA, .nz for NZ and .uk for UK.

There's a torrent available at but CD ROMs can be purchased from the FreeBSD Mall ( and Daemonnews ( ) in the US as well.

Update: For New Zealand use, ISO images are available at

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