MyBlogLog sold to Yahoo

, posted: 9-Jan-2007 18:44

MyBlogLogOm Malik has the scoop on MyBlogLog being bought by Yahoo for ... $12 million? Or more? Om doesn't say.

You've probably seen the MyBlogLog panel on the Techsploder sidebar already, and I have to say the "blog-based social network " works. It encourages people to participate and to check out each others sites but I was a bit surprised to see that only 45,000 people have signed up for the service.

If that's the case, Yahoo paid $267 a head which seems steep. Also, there's no mention of how many of the 45,000 have signed up for the premium statistics package as subscribers. I'm not sure how Yahoo intends to recoup the money it paid for MyBlogLog; the service always looked like something an existing portal would be interested in to enhance its customer experience and to make users more "sticky" so I think that it'll be a good purchase for Yahoo ultimately.

Pity though that MyBlogLog hasn't told its subscribers yet... why not?

Update Scott Rafer tells me this, apropos what I said about MyBlogLog not telling subscribers:
You bring up a good point. We should send out a mail to our users and customers. We put up a blog post tonight but we should supplement it:

Oh, and congrats to Todd, John, Steve and Scott :)

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