Pentagon reads kiwi blogs

, posted: 6-Jan-2007 12:15

This one's from the "just because you're paranoid..." department, I reckon. I read the No Right Turn blog every now and then and for no good reason clicked on its Sitemeter chicklet. On the details page, I saw this entry:
Fascinating. Googling around, it seems the Army Informations System Command is the same as the USAISEC, which translates as the US Army ICT geeks, basically. Their home page resolves for me, but I can't load it - suspect it's due to the overseas visitors being filtered out.

The search engine that shows up in the referral is Blingo, described as:
Welcome to Blingo, the Google-powered search engine with a twist. Each search on Blingo is also a chance to win prizes like a new car, $5,000 cash, and much more.

New one to me! Had no idea you could "monetize" your searches like that. Interesting search terms there as well.

You'd think the US Army would use computers with better resolution than 800*600 though, wouldn't you?

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