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, posted: 29-Dec-2006 13:09

Oh no... Mauricio tagged me with the Five Things meme. Gack. Fine, here are five things you possibly don't know about me and probably never wanted to know either :)
  1. I was born in Finland. The reason I start with that is because a lot of people, especially Downunder and in Asia, can't work out where the name is from. So no, I'm not Dutch, German, South African, Scottish, Tamil, or Czech :).

  2. Food and languages wind my clock. In hindsight, I probably should've pursued a career in either of those fields instead ICT journalism.

  3. Because of all the good food I like to stuff myself with, I have to exercise... a lot. Biking (road and offroad) is the favourite activity, but I like weight-lifting too. Pain and suffering is good. There's magic in going uphill with legs and lungs on fire, reaching the top and then crashing while going downhill too fast. I try not to do that anymore as it takes such a long time to heal now.

  4. The first computer I liked was the Commodore Amiga 500, followed by the Amiga 2000.

  5. I love British comedy. The Comic Strip, Trigger-happy TV, Reeves and Mortimer, Allan Partridge, Harry Enfield et al...

I tag: David Slack David Farrar Peter Griffin Su Yin XiaXue

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