James Brown is dead

, posted: 26-Dec-2006 07:55

James Brown on TVThe Godfather of Soul, James Brown has died. Wikipedia has already been updated - I'm not sure what I think of the speed with which Wikipedia notes people's deaths; it seems a bit ghoulish. Then again, look at this blog entry...

Brown died on the morning of Christmas day, 73 years old. I kind of expected him to go out in different way than in a hospital of heart failure, after he was admitted with severe pneumonia. He certainly kept it up until the very end, with a worldwide tour this year. Seventy years of funk indeed.

While people will remember Brown for his music, there's also the history of drugs, being in constant trouble with "The Man" and spousal abuse. Brown didn't make it easy for himself or people around him.

Despite all the controversy, or perhaps to some degree thanks to it, Brown was incredibly influential. Just about everybody rode on his ground-breaking style and he's the samplers' favourite.

I still like the weirdo song titles and lyrics and yeah, I'm guilty too of trying to mimic the guitar riffs (badly).

I Feel Good

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