Human search engine and a better Apocalypto trailer

, posted: 16-Dec-2006 16:17

HibachiI was reading Greg Sterling's post on about Chacha the human-driven search engine and thought "that sounds interesting". Now "chacha" is a word I wouldn't use carelessly, and certainly not as the name for a family oriented search engine. Doesn't matter that kids as young as ten used to sing along to that particular song by Missy Elliott... but anyway, I'm trying to find a hibachi, which seemed a good test for the human search engine.

A Hibachi as you may know is one of those excellent small Japanese charcoal grills. I used to have a barrel one made out of cast iron that did sterling service for years, but rusted to pieces in the end. For some reason, the only Hibachi I've been able to find is an outrageously priced flimsy job at the BBQ Factory that won't even last a season.

Can ChaCha help my Hibachi hunt? Let's see...

Status: Looking for a guide...
Status: Connected to guide: BarbaraB
BarbaraB: Welcome to ChaCha!
BarbaraB: hello
You: Hello
[Five minute pause]

You: So, what happens next?
BarbaraB: Are you looking for any particular style ?
BarbaraB: Check out the site I gave you and I can find more.
You: Yes, I want a barrel hibachi
You: The connection has timed out. The server at is taking too long to respond.
BarbaraB: Ok, just a moment while I search for that.
You: Are you using Google?
BarbaraB: We use all sorts of search engine.
You: So which Hibachi is the best?
BarbaraB: Is that specifically what you want to know?
You: Yeah, I want to know that
You: Are you in India?
BarbaraB: no
You: That's good because I don't think they do bbqs in India
You: and I don't want gas grills
You: $510 for a hibachi? Are you crazy?
BarbaraB: the last site is rcategorized by rating and not so pricey.
BarbaraB: Are any of these helpful?
You: Well, kind of
You: I think Google is better though
BarbaraB: Can I find anything else for you in this topic?
BarbaraB: Or I can transfer you to another guide who may be more helpful/
You: We're going to make Korean marinated BBQ dog, so I have to make sure the hibachi is big enough
You: The Bul Doggi cook quite fast so the hibachi doesn't have to hold that much coal, but the width is quite important
Transfer: You are being transfered to another guide who can help you search even better!
Looking for guide ...

Oh well. Back to Googling then.

Update Alex Iskold at ReadWriteWeb has more on ChaCha - the guides get... US$5 per hour. Ugh.

Mel Gibson's at it again, by the way, with a film about the Maya called Apocalypto. It's had a mixed reception so I'm pleased to see that Saturday Night Live helpfully improved on the trailer for the film:

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