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, posted: 14-Dec-2006 20:09

I was wondering what the NZ Herald would do with the new website, seeing that they make more money out of online advertising than they do for the Herald on Sunday. Today was the launch and I have to say, the new site looks good:
NZ Herald

Check it out: there are RSS feeds for the different categories, multimedia content, and social networking - Digg, Reddit, and Newswine - buttons. There's a Your Views section where readers can provide feedback, but the elsewhere ubiquitous blogs and podcasts don't seem to be available yet.

Podcasts is an area that the Herald should get in to, but why bother with blogging when you have columnists doing essentially the same work? If I had a say, I'd probably not introduce blogs on the NZH site unless for special occasions that demanded them.

I'm not totally convinced the font chose is right for computer screens, but the designers have done a great job of presenting a wealth of online content that was previously hidden with the old design. The borders are especially nice.

All in all, thumbs up for the new edition. Looks good, works good. My only flame would be for keeping the silly "paywall" though. Come on, Herald... do you think people will pay $3.00 just to read a single article? Isn't it better to make far more than that via advertising?

Update Peter Griffin notes that the new Herald site is rather similar to the Sydney Morning Herald one and I agree. Also, the Herald site is dog slow now.

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