Brislen's Last Issue

, posted: 14-Dec-2006 14:14

Here we are then, last Computerworld issue of the year and also the very last one for Paul Brislen, the editor of the newspaper, before he heads off to Vodafone as their externally acting executive communications spokesmanager.

I did some testing in town of Telecom's new EV-DO Rev A service plus Vodafone's HSDPA and headed into the Computerworld offices to savour the deadline panic there and to say bye to Paul.

The scene was quite calm at Computerworld actually. A little bit of writing, some subbing, Peter the designer flinging around tear-sheets for proofing and Forsyth the publisher looking rather jolly. Ulrika forced me to listen to Swedish rap on her iPod and I did, without losing my breakfast, amazingly enough.

Paul was busy editing as he would on a Thursday. This is him beavering away, looking a little annoyed at my sticking a camera in his face:
Paul Brislen

Very soon, Paul won't look anywhere near as pensively editorial and primed with journalistic integrity. It is too soon to say how being a PR troll at Vodafone will affect him, but here's an artist's impression of how he might look, whilst innocently communicating the marketing message to the world:

Paul Troll

Such are the risks of going over to the Dark Side. Ah well. He was warned, several times.

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