FedEx thinks NZ and New Caledonia are the same country

, posted: 9-Dec-2006 12:34

To get an idea how much it would cost to send Christmas pressies via FedEx instead of Ye Olde NZ Post to family in the UK, I did what the any Modern Geek does, and looked at US courier company's website for the rates. The site helpfully picked New Zealand as the country from where to ship stuff, but...
Arama? Where's that? I click on the City drop-down menu to find Auckland, but there's only Auteil, Ba, Bambou, Belep, Boghen, Boulouparis and other places that don't sound very Kiwi at all.

At first, I though perhaps FedEx had mistakenly listed cities in perhaps an African country that used to be a French colony, but no: those are places in New Caledonia. Right, hmm... so did FedEx put the New Zealand cities under New Caledonia then? No, they're the same.

It's probably not that hard to work out how to make the Rates and Transit Times calculator display the necessary (and required) New Zealand-relevant information but... it doesn't fill you with confidence, does it, that FedEx will send the stuff where it's supposed to go.

Come to think of it, this may explain why some FedEx pick-ups scheduled in the past never occurred. The couriers probably went to New Caledonia instead. Oh well, NZ Post it is then, unless anyone else has better suggestions?

Update I should point out for blog readers not familiar with the SouthPacific that New Caledonia is 1,500 kilometres/932 miles to the north of New Zealand.

Update II That was fast! Seems FedEx has sorted out the country confusion, and NZ locations now appear in the drop down menu instead of New Caledonian ones.

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