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, posted: 8-Dec-2006 17:03

Zillion's has the Air New Zealand Christmas for Kids charity auctions going at the moment, with a range of errm, interesting items going under the hammer. Fa Loh Suee pointed me to these two below, featuring the leaders of our two biggest parties... could they be an indication of popularity, perchance?

Morning tea with Prime Minister Helen Clark

Zillion: Helen Clark

Wow. Eleven days to go, and morning tea with our Leaderene is already up to $715 for morning tea! I'd insist on a champagne breakfast with all the trimmings for that money, plus a few song numbers by the Diplomatic Protection Squad. I'm sure Ian Wishart will bid thousands soon for tape-recorder tea with Helen though.

National's John Key is cheaper:

Lunch with John Key, Leader of the Opposition

Zillion: John Key

Half the price! Is that a bargain or what? Mind you, Key is still very much a Brand New Item compared to Helen Clark, so maybe that's a fair price. Wonder if the EBs will bid on this?

Still, eating with politicians? Not many people would have the stomach for that. In fact, the auctions might get more money if there was an option not to have lunch/morning tea with either.

This auction, featuring Air New Zealand's Rob Fyfe "The Knife" looks like better value for money:

Air New Zealand CEO Rob Fyfe to mow your lawns

Zillion: Rob Fyfe
The fine print's kind of restrictive though:

Important information: This item is subject to Rob Fyfe’s availability and only applies to residential grass lawns in New Zealand. Travel within New Zealand for Rob Fyfe, and hireage and transportation of equipment is included. A conventional motor mower will be used for lawns under an acre and a ride-on mower for lawns exceeding an acre. Only grass lawns will be mowed. All other garden maintenance is excluded from this item.

What about flogging Fyfe to make him mow faster? Doesn't say you can't do that does it?

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