Not just Brash: Howard in Australia linked to Exclusive Brethren

, posted: 25-Nov-2006 10:36

While Don Brash's resignation didn't on the whole get much media attention over in Australia, this AAP report published in the Age says John Howard has met with the Exclusive Brethren as well:

But Greens leader Bob Brown says the real reason for Mr Brash's resignation is revelations of his links to the shadowy Brethren.

"It took Mr Howard a year to admit he had met with the Exclusive Brethren, but he won't give the details," Senator Brown said tonight.

The BBC also focuses on the EBs as the main reason for Brash resigning and also provides some details about the sect itself. For being exclusive to the point of not voting in elections, the EBs seem to be very busy trying to influence politics.

It's not just in this part of the world that the EBs are active. During the last Swedish election, the EBs funded a flyer and advertising campaign to the tune of several million Swedish crowns. The campaign was run out of Liverpool, UK, and supported the centre-right Alliance for Sweden coalition, which won a majority in the election against the ruling social democrats or Labour party.

The Alliance for Sweden comprises the conservatives (Moderaterna), centrists (Centerpartiet), liberals (Folkpartiet) and christian democrats, but the parties say they didn't receive money from the EBs. While the centrists, liberals and christian democrats distance themselves from the EBs and what the sect stands for, the conservatives in Sweden take a softer line and according to their party secretary, Sven Otto Littorin, appreciate the support.

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