Don Brash goes over Hager's book

, posted: 23-Nov-2006 13:33

Don BrashIt was only yesterday that Brash's former chief of staff Richard Long was on TV saying that taking out a court injunction against Nicky Hager's book "The Hollow Men" was a mistake that'd cost the National Party leader his job. (Would link to the TV One report, but TVNZ's site is impossible to find anything on.)

Today, just after lunch, Brash announced that he's resigning. His resignation statement is posted on the National Party website and points to the GST debacle and Hager's book being the reasons Brash left. As for the emails that lead to the court injunction of Hager's book, Brash says:

Over the last 24 hours I have taken legal advice about how the publication of Mr Hager's book can proceed, while continuing to restrain the ability of other people to use my stolen emails.

The court order provides that nobody in possession of my stolen emails can publish them unless I provide them to that person.

I'm advised that Mr Hager can legally proceed with publishing his book if I provide him with copies of those of my emails included in the book. I'm willing to do that.

As a result of discussions I've asked my legal counsel to initiate, I anticipate that Mr Hager will be able to publish his book tomorrow morning. Unfortunately, that will not protect the identity of people who have sent me emails, and on the assumption that Mr Hager has not obtained their permission to publish their emails, I regard his behaviour as totally reprehensible. It will certainly tend to inhibit the ability of the public to communicate frankly with Members of Parliament.

Be interesting to see if the emails will be published next, with full details.

One of the people hardest hit by the National leader's resignation is undoubtedly Kiwiblogger and fellow Nat David Farrar. He is on a flight, and unable to blog about the resignation. That roaring noise you hear in the sky isn't from a jet engine, in other words.

John Key is likely to be succeed Brash as the next leader and this in turn could mean National bags the next election. Time to buy Telecom shares then, as Key is against regulating the incumbent.

Update Keith Ng gives Brash the EJ Thribb-ute

Update II  Barry Soper on Danny Watson's NewstalkZB show reckons that Bill English is the only one who'll come out of this squeaky clean. There's speculation that Hager's book implicates Key as well as Brash.

Update III Hager outlines the contents of The Hollow Men.

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