Vista RTM: better but still buggy

, posted: 19-Nov-2006 11:31

VistaFinally got Vista Release to Manufacturing or RTM downloaded - took a while because after initially hitting 400kbyte/s, the MSDN download servers got overwhelmed and the speed slowed down to about a tenth of that.

Upgrading from RC2 was disabled in RTM for some reason, and I thought it'd be good to get XP installed as well, for testing and comparison. I'm glad I put XP on it, because I don't get a warm and fuzzy feeling about Vista being ready for prime time - not yet.

Many of the issues I spotted in RC2 have been fixed however. Gmail's new interface now renders as it should in IE7, but a positioning bug seems to have been introduced that wasn't there before:

Techsploder Separator
The separator bar gets squeezed into the main blog table now. Gack.

Live Messenger 8.1 beta with all the trimmings now installs and runs; I've got User Access Controls (UAC) on now as it appears Microsoft has cut down on the amount of dialogs it pops up between RC2 and RTM, which means IE7 Protected Mode is enabled.

However, Windows Live Toolbar gives Protected Mode hiccoughs:



The questions is, while it's good to have additional security as per above, will non-techie users be able to work out what's going on from dialogs like the above? They pop up for Macromedia's Shockwave player as well, incidentally.

Fewer apps crash on RTM compared to RC2:

I suspect many of the crashes are due to immature drivers for my box. Still waiting for Intel to release Vista drivers for its motherboards, so that for instance the secondary Marvell SATA controller gets recognised.

High Definition Audio seems to be recognised in RTM however:

HDA installed

... but I still only get sound out of two speakers, whereas in XP all 5.1 work:


More Vista trials and tribulations coming up...

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