Another reason why your ihug emails may 'disappear'

, posted: 12-Nov-2006 11:53

IhugRussell Brown has ihug email issues, some of which are no doubt caused by the huge increase in spam lately, but it occured to me that there's something else going on...

SORBS is still listing Ihug's mail servers as being in dynamic IP address space:

Dynamic IP Space (LAN, Cable, DSL & Dial Ups)
Netblock: (
Record Created:   Sun Jun 25 16:37:58 2006 GMT
Record Updated:   Sun Jun 25 16:37:58 2006 GMT
Additional Information: [MU] Dynamic/Generic IP/rDNS address, use your ISPs mail server or get rDNS set to indicate static assignment. Currently active and flagged to be published in DNS

If I enable SORBS checks on my mail server, Ihug mail gets bounced:

2006-11-12 10:46:21 [] rejected connection in "connect" ACL: is listed in (Dynamic IP Addresses See:

You may get a bounce message similar to the above, but not all mail servers send one out depending on how they're configured.

I notified Ihug about this, and understand they've contacted SORBS to get off the list - clearly to no avail.

One way around the issue is to use something like Gmail instead, until SORBS comes to their senses and removes Ihug from the list. The wrong listing is a nuisance to a large number of people. As one Geekzone Forums participant pointed out, Ihug customers can't email Telecom now, because the incumbent filters mail using SORBS.

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