Maharey mauls English's English

, posted: 10-Nov-2006 10:22

Full marks or should I say, credits, to Labour's Steve Maharey for spiking indignant opposition education spokesman Bill English's guns after the National MP issued a scathing press release on the rather silly NZQA allowing SMS TXT abbreviations issue.

"Maharey thinks he's cool," English blasted away, but proceeded to hoist himself on his own petard with:

This kind of pigeon English is fine for young people organising their social lives, but it is not an acceptable way of expressing an academic argument or idea.

... which met with this deadly riposte from Maharey:

Mr Maharey said Mr English would be given credit in an exam because the statement could be understood - "despite pidgin being spelt p-i-g-e-o-n, as in a bird from the dove family, rather than p-i-d-g-i-n, as in simplified language used between persons of a different nationality".


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