PriceWaterhouseCoopers Hi-Tech Awards 2006

, posted: 7-Nov-2006 17:38

The PWC Hi-Tech Awards were on last weekend and being a finalist together with Keith Newman, Vikki Bland and Divina Paredes, who won the Journalist of the Year award (congrats!), I went along to the Sky City Convention Centre to check it out.

It was far bigger than I realised it would be, with over a thousand people attending. Prime Minister Helen Clarke spoke and Communications Minister David Cunliffe were also there, thronging with with the hi-techies. Rod Drury, who snagged the Entrepreneur of the Year has a picture of what it was like in the main hall on his blog. The whole thing was... well, for want of a better term, a huge geek party. I recognised a great number of people, many whom I've talked to for stories. One thing's for sure, there was a definite air of confidence in the hall, showing that the tech biz is something to be reckoned with in New Zealand.

Not sure if I agree with Rod about the drummers banging out Fleetwood Mac's Tusk, but it was original at least.

Here's the complete list of award winners:

PricewaterhouseCoopers Supreme Excellence
Award & NZ Hi-Tech Company of the Year

Right Hemisphere

Westpac Flying Kiwi Award
Peter Maire

Rakon NZ Hi-Tech Deal of the Year
Right Hemisphere

Navman NZ Hi-Tech Emerging Company of the Year
Sprite Software

Highly Commended: Wherescape

Microsoft NZ High Growth Company of the Year
Endace Limited

Enatel NZ Hi-Tech Innovation of the Year
Jointly awarded to: Telemetry Research Ltd and The Optima Corporation

Highly Commended: Shoko and Eurekster

Avnet NZ Hi Tech Corporate of the Year
Provenco Group Ltd

NZX Hi-Tech Entrepreneur of the Year
Rod Drury

Tait Electronics NZ Hi-Tech Company Leader of the Year
Rod Carr - Jade Software Corporation

Endace NZ Hi-Tech Marketer of the Year
Gavin Wright - Fraame Solutions

Nautech Electronics NZ Hi-Tech Young Achiever Award
Derek Handley - The Hyperfactory

Fronde Synergy NZ Hi-Tech Journalist of the Year
Divina Paredes - MIS Magazine

And here are some pictures from the evening, courtesy of Jane Hardey, Text100 Auckland:

Helen Clark
Our Beloved Leaderene, Helen Clark

Before the battle
Before everyone arrived

View from outside

Cunliffe and Co
Bruce Ballie, Head of Strategic Markets PricewaterhouseCoopers; Mark Thomas, President and CTO, Right Hemisphere; David Cunliffe, Minister of Information Technology and Communications.

Last but not least, The LadyKillers

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