Virgin Mobile's Lobster DAB phone points to mobile content future

, posted: 2-Nov-2006 21:32

LobsterMobile content is said to be king but so far, what I've seen has been not only too limited but way too expensive. Would you really plonk down a a couple of dollars or more just to watch a small-screen news summary lasting a minute or two? No? Didn't think so.

Virgin Mobile's Lobster 700TV on the other hand looks more like it would fit the mobile content concept however. This is a DAB-IP device that provides digital radio and TV channels, without having to worry about data charges. The idea has plenty of merit, but it is not implemented right yet as Pocket Lint discovered. Furthermore, DAB has been criticised for having poor quality overall, with some countries abandoning the standard.

Still though, a handheld phone that can receive digital TV and radio broadcasts (ideally without having to wear earphones so as to use the cord as as an aerial) PLUS comes with Wifi and maybe 3G cellular broadband access would be a killer device.

I don't think it'll be long before one appears either.

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