No funding for Econet and Telecom to lay off 700

, posted: 18-Oct-2006 10:08

Jenny Keown at the Herald has looked into Econet and its Memorandum of Understanding for funding that was announced by the company last month. GEMS in HK and Communications Venture Partners in the UK were to pump in hundreds of millions into Econet, which would then build that elusive third mobile network.

However, the reality seems different according to the story, and there's no money for Econet from investors.

I'm wondering how long Econet can go on like this. It's been operating in New Zealand for six years with nothing to show for it. The trial 3G network in partnership with Huawei that was announced earlier this year has been canned, and now auditors Deloitte say the Econet NZ is dependent on funding from the parent company. Without the funding or separate capital injection, Deloitte's says Econet NZ could fold.

Telecom's feeling the pain from competition already, it seems. The Herald and the NZPA have a story that says around ten per cent of staff, or 700 people, will get an unwanted Christmas present: redundancy. It looks like Gen-i staffers are in the firing line, but nobody's job is safe. Well, bar the ones in TG's executive team of course.

This quote is interesting though:

Telecom is combining calling, mobile and broadband services for an all-in price, aimed at overcoming predicted declines in its fixed-line revenue and the effect of the Government's regulatory review.

Telecom is clearly looking at making the most of being both a fixed and mobile operator, and I bet you a package deal with a single easy bill combining voice, broadband and mobiles will sell like hotcakes. This also vindicates Vodafone's strategy of buying a fixed-line ISP, although you have to wonder if it'll be very effective here in NZ because of the slim wholesale margins Telecom offers.

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