CBGB closing

, posted: 14-Oct-2006 19:38

CBGBThe New York club where anybody that ever mattered played and quite a few who didn't did, CBGB, is closing. It's been going for exactly a third of a century, since 1973, but now it's time to die as the Bowery becomes gentrified beyond the tolerable.

The only good thing about the Bowery was CBGB but the residents' committee doesn't care. Which is fine, because it's better for CBGB to go this way than to become a total tourist trap.
Closing date is October 31 after Patti Smith playing there tomorrow. Hilly Kristal's talking about setting up shop in Las Vegas, which is like.... umm... why?
CBGB documentary part 1 CBGB documentary part II Ramones: Judy is a punk (1974)

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