Debian, divisive and daft

, posted: 11-Oct-2006 09:43

DebianSteven Vaughan-Nichols is one of the Open Source writers at Ziff-Davis that I read on a regular basis simply because covers the issues with a common-sense approach, and without feeling the need to shove ideology down your throat.

As we all know, adhering to ideologies means you have to divorce yourself from reality. Steven's latest column shows that is exactly what the Debian project has done:

At the moment, I'm ticked off because the Debian community's recent hissy-fit over the Mozilla Corp.#39;s trademarked Firefox logo has led them, and others, to forking the Firefox codeto avoid the use of the logo.

That's right, the Debianites are forking Firefox because of a trademarked logo.

Of all the important issues that face the Open Source movement, Debian decided to waste time being pedantic over a logo - and by doing so, has managed to weaken and dilute what is arguably the best-known and most succesful Open Source project there is, namely the Firefox browser. It will be known as the GnuZilla project, with the browser itself being called "IceWeasel".

There is of course value in not losing sight of your goals, but that is exactly what's happening with Debian being so inflexible. This kind of fundie nonsense will benefit nobody.

And what kind of lame name is "IceWeasel" anyway?


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