Oh brother! Exclusive Brethren discover Geekzone

, posted: 5-Oct-2006 20:52

From the Exclusive Brethren's MySpace blog:

Fundamentalism, Digitally Remastered
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Brethren (and Sisters)

The launch of the Exclusive Brethren on Myspace has created a lot of interest and a little confusion. Look at this blog on Geekzone and you will see what we mean. Some people just don't think we are real.

We think it is time we explained where we are coming from, as you kids say these days. You see, our involvement in the General Election made a big impact in the media. We were not ready for this sort of attention. After all, we are Exclusive; we don't get out that much. It was all a bit confusing.

So we went to professionals, to media advisers, brand managers, ad men. You could say it was the men in the open-necked shirts meeting the men in the polo-necks. They did some media analysis, ran some focus groups and had a lot of meetings in bars, for which they billed us. Then they put it all together and came up with a media strategy.

Its all about synergy, apparently; and brand awareness. We didn't know what they were talking about, so they showed us some diagrams, which didn't help either. So we poured them a few drinks and asked them to tell it straight. In short they told us to loosen up: to get hip, get savvy and get with the kids. Its the 21st Century: the Exclusive Brethren need to be Virtual Brethren.

They told us to think online. They told us to get on Myspace.

So here we are.

A few folks have said we shouldn't be doing this, because we are forbidden to use computers. Look, we are forbidden to vote as well, but that didn't stop us.

Keep it real, Brothers

The Exclusive Brethren

The behaviour of those Geek people rather validates your attitude towards technology, don't you think?

I hear one of them is from Finland, where they worship Odin and drink blood. You know that Finnish homosexual heavy metal band that won the Eurovision? They all look like that there, even the little babies. It's shocking.

Posted by Russell on Wednesday, October 04, 2006 at 1:51 PM

Wikipedia: Lordi

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