Vista RC2 out this Friday US time: RTM slips again?

, posted: 5-Oct-2006 08:47

VistaSo, another Release Candidate of Windows Vista is coming out in two days' time - Friday in the US, and Saturday in NZ/Australia.

Paul Thurrot reckons RC2 is build 5743 and says it'll be available to MSDN and Technet subscribers, as well as some in the Community Preview Programme (CPP). He doesn't have any details as to what's new in RC2 but notes that Vista currently has some 1,400 bugs flagged. Microsoft's internal quality control requires the amount of bugs to drop to 500 before Vista can go to manufacturing - that seems a high number actually - so it looks like the final release may slip again, until some time in November.

Early November or late November? Either way, further slippage is bad news for Microsoft and will anger its partners who had been expecting an earlier release.

What people will be checking out RC2 for is how ready Vista is for prime-time. Some observers like Joe Wilcox with JupiterResearch and Michael Cherry at Directions on Microsoft went as far as calling RC1 a beta, not a release candidate due to the amount of bugs still in it.

Next week will tell us if Microsoft is getting there with Vista, or if it still struggling to make it work.

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