Exclusive Brethren have a MySpace

, posted: 3-Oct-2006 17:06

Back from IDF and feeling like I've been hit by a truck after spending a night sandwiched between two considerate, but nevertheless six foot plus passengers in AirNZ Premium Economy - those seats are way too narrow, damn it - my brain was idling in neutral so I checked out the local blogs.

Thinking my tiredness was playing tricks with me, I had to read this Hard News entry by Russell Brown over at Public Address a couple of times, as it is quite extraordinary. Russell writes:

It's such a modern problem: the Exclusive Brethren ask to be added to your MySpace friends list - what do you do? After all, if you say yes, you will be able to send The Exclusive Brethren personal messages, view The Exclusive Brethren's photos and blog, and you and the Brethren can interact with each other's friends and network. Hookups are probably out of the question, but we might be looking at a veritable orgy of understanding here.

Hold on, the EBs have a MySpace? Seriously? The EB profile says:

About me:
The Exclusive Brethren are an Evangelical Protestant Christian church, whose members follow a rigid code of conduct based very strictly on Biblical teaching, which provides a firm moral framework and is focused on a strong family unit.

We themselves separate because we believe the world is a place of wickedness. Fathers are the breadwinners. Mothers stay at home to care for the household.

Exclusive Brethren generally either own their own businesses, providing employment for their families and others, or are employed in a business owned by Exclusive Brethren.

Their baptism requires that their children marry within the fellowship, although some who have defected have later been recovered to the fellowship, along with their spouses.

Exclusive Brethren do not attend restaurants or venues of worldly entertainment, nor eat with others outside their fellowship.

Who I'd like to meet:


Well, that's curious. MySpace is after all the place where you hang out to meet others, isn't it? Also, if there was a wickedness contest between MySpace and restaurants, I think the former place would win hands down.

Makes me wonder if the EB MySpace is for real actually.

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