Windows Media Player 11 considered harmful?

, posted: 22-Sep-2006 10:36

Windows MediaI was reading the always excellent Charlie Demerjian's piece in The INQ on Windows Media Player 11 (WMP11 henceforth), thinking "surely not... Microsoft wouldn't be as stupid as to risk such a PR disaster."

Charlie bases his comments mainly on Microsoft's own release notes for WMP11, and they make for worrying reading. In essence, installing WMP11 takes away rights to paid-for media that you had before - and, Microsoft doesn't tell you this is happening.

Not being able to back up the usage rights for media you have purchased is bad enough but even music that's ripped from CDs is affected by this latest Digital Rights Management Excess.

I'm pretty sure that losing the rights to use media that you have paid for is not what WMP11 users expect to happen when they upgrade their media players.

Microsoft really needs to stop and rethink what it's doing here. There's no justification for depriving customers who have paid for content of their rights.

Otherwise, using tools like FairUse4WM will be mandatory.

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