Legal action taken against NZ blogger for writing about dubious product claims

, posted: 17-Sep-2006 19:30

Stephen Judd of has been served papers threatening unspecified legal action unless he removes these statements within 21 days.

The organisation behind the legal threats is Andron Technology. Have a look at their product Shield Me and their claims, like this one:

The Shield Me™ card neutralises the effect of a cell phone's electro-magnetic field

Using advanced technology, the Shield Me™ card’s matrix is specifically programmed to earth the electro-magnetic field of a cell phone, cordless phone or computer so that it does not interfere with the body's electro-chemical processes that maintain a healthy cellular function.through the head and body.

Here's the "inventor" of the Shield Me card, Brian St Clair Corcoran, speaking about what the Shield Me card does.

Each two-pack of the Shield Me card costs with additional postage:

Australia AUD$39.95 AUD$3.00
New Zealand NZ$45.00 NZ$3.00
Europe €24.00 €6.00
North America US$28.00 US$8.00

But.... Brian has this disclaimer about his card:

Neither Brian St Clair Corcoran, Andron Technology nor any agent or representative of either make any claim that a Shield Me™ card will prevent ill health or that using or carrying a cell phone or cordless phone or using a computer has at this time, been proven beyond doubt to be detrimental health.

Umm... so, what's the actual point of it then? Looking at the above, Andron Technology et al are clearly making some claims that card does something.

I'm going to run this by the Commerce Commission and their Australian equivalent to get an opinion of Brian's Shield Me card.

Update Because the status of the papers served on Stephen is uncertain, I've edited the headline so that it no longer says he is being sued.

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