Geekzone06 over - excellent event overall

, posted: 16-Sep-2006 21:57

Sitting here in the hotel with T3G at -57dBm and laptop battery at 13% and no recharger (knew there was something I forgot this morning), I can conclude that Geekzone06 was a great event. Very good speakers, including Rod Drury, Jay Templeton, Jethro Carr, and Nathan Mercer in a good venue that let the audience participate made Geekzone06 quite unique compared to anything similar I've attended.

The informal structure suited the topics at hand and having feedback from the audience helped the speakers immensely - it made the talks that much more interesting. I almost ended up thinking that Vista isn't perhaps that bad!

Thanks to Mauricio for organising the event and everyone else who helped out - the sponsors too (I made out like a bandit in the prize draw) and now the battery is dying and 

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