EU Windows Vista to include Adobe Reader but no antivirus

, posted: 12-Sep-2006 10:56

VistaBruno Segers, the former general manager of Microsoft Belgium has written an open letter to European Union Commissioner for Competition Neelie Kroes, published on his blog.

In the letter, written in Dutch, Segers expresses concern that the EU's decision to force Microsoft to include Adobe Reader in the Windows Vista e version and remove any anti-virus bundled with it will lead to an operating system that is more expensive and less secure than non-European variants.

As a result, customers will choose the non-Euro versions of Windows Vista, Segers predicts.

Segers points to the experience with Windows XP, which the the EU said Microsoft must make available without Windows Media Player. This version sold poorly, Segers says.

Having customers buying non-Euro versions of Vista is not a problem for Microsoft worldwide, Segers says, but will ruin the European branches of the software giant. He accuses the EU commissioner of being a vassal of US companies lobbying in Brussels when they are no longer listened to in Washington DC.

(My Dutch isn't the best so the translation may not be accurate.)

This is quite interesting actually - I was wondering if the EU would allow Microsoft to bundle software with Vista like anti-viruses, but didn't expect that third-party programs would be mandated with the new OS.

The EU carries a very big stick in these matters, and Microsoft has no option but to comply.

Update The Brussels Journal has more details on Bruno Segers. Wonder if he was sacked because of speaking out on EU's plans? Or did he give away Ballmer's Plan B? (Plan A being a threat not to release Vista in the EU.)

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