Ferrit says sorry, got the humour wrong...

, posted: 11-Sep-2006 08:49

It may have started off as a bit of fun, but the bogus consumer reviews turned into a major embarassment for Ferrit. Peter Wogan is apologising for the jape which surely should never have happened in the first place. I had an earlier story about Ferrit's pricing being out of whack (thanks sbiddle for the tip off) so I wonder how confident customers feel about shopping at Telecom's online mall now?

Congrats to Ana Samways, whose scoop made it into the New York Times, which attributed the source of the story. No such courtesy from the provincial paper The Dominion Post however. They just nicked the story without giving Spareroom credit for breaking it first.

Disappointing that, especially since the writer and his editor hang out on Geekzone and should know that attribution with a link is always appreciated.

Update Ana says Craig's Blog also picked up the story.

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