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, posted: 9-Sep-2006 20:43

Surely it didn't have to end up like this, given how little supermarket workers earn and the big profits the store owners make?

From Shelfrespect:

• The lockout follows the indefinite suspension of workers after commencing a 48 hour strike.
• Workers are claiming an 8% wage increase and allowance parity between the four distribution centres.
• Christchurch workers earn $1.80-$2.00 less p/hr than Palmerston North workers with Auckland workers earn 80c-$1 less p/hr.
• The differences in allowances resulted from Progressive closing the Auckland and Christchurch Woolworths distribution centres in 2003 and rehiring the redundant workers on worse conditions.
• These closures ended the Woolworths National Agreement.
• Palmerston North retained their higher pay and allowances as the company could not find another location for a new distribution centre and therefore could not legally rehire workers on lower rates.
• The NDU represent 98% of Progressive Supply Chain distribution workers with the EPMU, 80% of Progressive’s meat processing workers with the Meat Workers Union and 25% of Progressive supermarket workers.
• Woolworths Australia is the largest retailer in Australasia and recently announced a 24.3% increase in profits of $1.2 billion dollars (A$1.1 billion) and expects sales to increase by 8-12% next year.
• Australian distribution, meat processing and supermarket workers earn up to 35% more than their kiwi co-workers (who do the same job) despite food prices being generally cheaper in Australia.

Donate to the strikers who have gone for two weeks without pay.

Shop somewhere else until the dispute is resolved!

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