'Consumer reviews' on Ferrit written by... Ferrit

, posted: 5-Sep-2006 14:28

Ana Samways over at Spareroom has a remarkable entry about Ferrit staffers writing the consumer reviews on the online mall. Yes, that's right: what you thought were reviews from actual customers were in fact done by Ferrit and Telecom staff, as well as partners of the online shopping mall.

Ferrit's head of marketing, Peter Wogan, is quoted by Ana as saying:

"Absolutey some of our reviews are generated in-house... Ferrit staff, Telecom staff and partner staff have reviewed products that they own or have used - toasters included.

Oh please. What is this? Is Ferrit doing so badly that they have to fake the reviews now?

Is this how you create confidence in Ferrit? With bogus reviews?

Imagine the outcry if TradeMe staffers were found out generating bogus customer feedback like this - or for that matter, Amazon, which Ferrit likes to compare itself to in its delusions of grandeur.

Is this kind of deceptive behaviour really allowed under the New Zealand Fair Trading Act?

Update Have spoken to Peter Wogan at Ferrit about this, and written a story for Computerworld. Will post URL when the story goes live.

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