Feedback from Vodafone or not really

, posted: 4-Sep-2006 15:05

VodafoneAs seen on Geekzone, Vodafone is launching HSDPA in New Zealand as well soon, after its UK and Australian operations which seem to have started supplying the faster UMTS in July already.

I wrote a quick story for Computerworld about it in which I drew some comparisons with the first generation service. Specifically, I said that it had 64kbit/s upload speed. This is what I and other tech journos have been repeatedly told by Vodafone - and when I still had the 3G WCDMA card, that was as fast as uploads went. In fact, unless the website has changed very recently, that information should still be on

However, it now turns out that Vodafone has doubled the upload speed to 128kbit/s. This I am told, happened roughly two months ago, and it seems to work across the different devices - phones and data cards alike.

That's nice for Vodafone customers but why not let people know? It is a positive thing after all so what's the reason for hiding it? Having a faster upstream makes Vodafone's UMTS a great deal more usable for customers, especially business ones who send as well as receive data. But, Vodafone didn't want to say anything.

I'm also baffled by Vodafone not giving out any HSDPA devices to test to media so far. I've seen it demonstrated and the service is up and running overseas. Even Vodafone's competition Telecom New Zealand has access to it, so it would've been nice to test it ahead of the launch, but no...

Oh, and this story in the Dompost by Tom Pullar-Strecker has me wondering too. Tom quotes Vodafone spokeswoman Tracey Palmer as saying:

Customers will be able to access the internet at speeds of up to 1.8 megabits per second using PCs and notebook and handheld computers equipped with HSDPA data cards.

Spokeswoman Tracey Palmer says maximum speeds will be increased to 3.6 megabits per second, hopefully within "weeks" and certainly before Christmas."

Well, that's curious because Tracey told me the service would launch at 3.6Mbps and Phil Patel, Vodafone's director of business markets, told me the same. Furthermore, by the end of the year, 7.2Mbps was the goal.

What happened here? Did the service get scaled down between July and now?

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